oh, hey there...

Few & far between, a good way to describe my previous posting habits. I get on a kick for a while & then blam...nothing for months. It''s not like I''m doing anything important in particular. I just forget...

So, since September, Birdsnake (aka my husband) saved my site from hackers & has inspired me to get back into to it for the time being. Maybe this time it''ll stick, who knows, maybe not. Maybe I''ll write about some of the things I''m doing in/with my life. No one is reading this but him & myself as far as I know. Maybe, just maybe, if I put in some effort here & there, someone...somewhere might identify with me, my esthetic or whatever.

For now I''ll be doing some things, taking some pictures & sharing. Now to get it all linked up...

See ya later,

just my stuff

Just some stuff in my house. Just some stuff in my house.

In love with SpinningCastle on Etsy

Drooling, giddy & utterly amazed at the beauty that abounds in this etsy shop! I''m surprised at my unbridled excitement! Just see for yourself....

Tribal Faerie Art Jewelry & Ritual Tools by SpinningCastle on Etsy.

Oh, it''s hurts so badly that I can not have these... I... I... need them!


Cedar Planter Boxes

Cedar Planter Boxes.

Herb/Flower Planter

Herb/Flower Planter.

Gypsy Fortune Telling Machine


Gypsy Fortune Telling Machine.

This is for sale on the Dallas/ Ft. Worth Craigslist. I want! Remember the movie BIG? Yeah you do! Wouldn''t this be a fantastic thing to have?

Sunset across the street

Some pretty little hand crafted things in my place

I like to make & decorate stuff. Whether it''s just painting, assembling or what have you, I get a lot of pleasure doing it! Here are just a few projects I''ve crafted over the past  few months. Hopefully, it will inspire you to make & share your creations with others too!

I wish I could say that I made the actual Magic Mushroom lamp, but I didn''t. It happens to be one of my favorite possessions for almost 15 years. I love it! When it was new it had an air plant attached to it with hot glue. Unfortunately, the air plant did not survive RIP. However, it''s death has allowed me to decorate the lamp as I see fit. The shroom has been the home of many tiny Buddha, rocks, moss & tiny figurines. Currently, it is home to a tiny geode that my daughter cracked open & some moss.

This was once just a plain round mirror, with the magic that is E-6000 adhesive, quartz crystals & some lovely gemstones it has become a "fancy" round mirror.

This is what it looks like :) Above you can see just a peek of my hand painted clay pot. Wanna see those too? Ok!

I was going for a talavera style with those. I used plain clay pots & some acrylic paint.

I have to admit this was not my idea. I had seen them on the internet for a while before I cut this guy open & planted in him. He likes to live in my bathroom window and never complains when I sing in the shower....even when I''m off key.

 Hey you like that tiny beaded curtain w/ mirror balls? That was fun to make but I really wanted to show you was the hanging terrarium. Have you ever made plant hangers? I was surprised how easy it is.  I used jute to tie this terrarium up & hang it in my kitchen window. I love how it came out. I made several of these & hung up all kinds of things, vases, wine bottles & of coarse plants.  Let me see if I can find a pic of those... one min, ok?

Oh hey, it''s Thanksgiving with my family, but look back there on the wall next to the window. It''s the wine bottle hanger! I''m rooting a plant in it. I just used typical garden twine for that one. Now, where''s that vase? Lemme see...

There it is up there in the corner, the red one, I added beads to that one. I think it''s cute. It also is being used to root some plants. Please forgive... I forgot to remove my conditioner before taking the picture.  :)

Well, I hope you liked my little hand crafted junk! If you are curious & want more info on any of these projects feel free to message me & ask. I''ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. If you have any ideas/projects you think I might like send them my way I''d love to try them!

Random shot from my place


Memories of Homemade Dough Ornaments

Ahh memories, they can take you back. About a week ago my sweet husband remembered making dough ornaments. He sent me a link to a recipe. Now this man loves the holidays. It''s really adorable. So one night I made the dough, rolled it & cut out a few generic style x-mas ornaments & baked them. When he got home from his gig his face lit up, I had saved some dough. We are pretty bohemian & still haven''t grown up yet so, of course, we made some inappropriate ones. Last night with the sounds of the season playing through the stereo  we painted, glittered and adorned. A few even got jewels and wiggly eyes. It was a lot of fun and much more fulfilling than just going out & buying some. Now we just need to get a tree to put them on!

[gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"]


Here''s a basic list of things you need:

flour, salt, water, mixing bowl, rolling pin, cookie cutters, knife, acrylic paints, school glue, glitter, spray sealant, string or hooks & anything your heart desires!

*Ornament Dough*

4 cups flour

1 cup salt

1 1/2 cups water

mix & kneed dough well

Get that rolling pin after it & roll until it''s at least a half inch thick or thinner

Cut into shapes

Poke a hole for hanging

Bake in oven set to 300 degrees for 30 minutes

Let them cool & let the decorating fun begin!

After decorating, spray the sealant on both sides & let dry. Then string & hang your new handmade treasures!

Have fun! xoxo, Amanda









Autumn & Pumpkin Pie

Sitting here at my desk listening to the sound of wind chimes, smelling the fresh baked pumpkin pie & feeling the chill in the air has me waxing nostalgic. I am not alone in this wondrous feeling. I''ve noticed there is something special about autumn, it brings comfort & fond memories not only to myself, but many others. Is it because the holidays are near, relief from the summer heat, cuddling up in their cozy sweaters & blankets, or maybe it''s that cold weather comfort food (like that pumpkin pie I have cooling on the stove, yum!)?  Whatever causes it, I like it!

Where in the world is Amanda?

I moved, not the website, but myself. Other than the strong urge to paint the walls funky colors, it''s finally starting to feel like home & have just about got my little bohemian nest all together. Wanna have a little peek? Ok, in a minute. I also wanted to share with whoever may be reading the little mirror I slapped together out of things found around my house. I think you''ll dig it. Ok, on to the pics.

I could dream a million beautiful dreams in this bed!

tumblr_m3ryl9zpI91qijt4no1_500.jpg JPEG Image, 500 × 368 pixels.

Bohemian Pages: Henna Art

How beautiful! I think this summer I will experiment with some henna. Check the link below to the awesome blogger who I follow & snagged these photos from.

Bohemian Pages: Henna Art.

Bohemian Pages: Gypsy Paint

Bohemian Pages: Gypsy Paint.

I would love to paint a piece something like this...keeping my eye out for the right one. Visit the link above to see some other stunning hand painted pieces.

Moon to Moon: Collections : Crystals ......

Moon to Moon: Collections : Crystals .......

Visit her blog! She''s always posting beautiful pictures of things I love!

xoxo, Amanda


So here I am... just a 8 days away from turning (queue dramatic music) 32 years old. I imagine most people in their 30''s question or ponder their current lives, think about where they thought they''d be at this point, and re-evaluate their life goals & such.

ZZ Top - Cheap Sunglasses

Like most little girls  I was certain I''d be a marine biologist, living in a mansion somewhere exotic, with a prince, have kids 2 boys & 2 girls, a pony, a monkey, 3 cats & a couple of dogs & I''d look just like 80''s Madonna. Well, 3.5 out of 8 isn''t too shabby. My decor is somewhat exotic & my house (by 3rd world standards) is a mansion,  my husband isn''t royalty but is a prince none the less, 1 amazing daughter & a couple of dogs & a snake. I''m grateful. Life has been pretty good to me so far.

Looking a bit more like Adele than 80''s Madonna & I''m ok with that. Until next time... xoxo- Amanda

Adele - I Can\\''t Make You Love Me (Live) Itunes Festival 2011 HD

I got the mascot.

Turquoise Lion

The name popped into my head, a musical dream explosion  happened, googled & found this ferocious little lion...fate. The wheels are turning & the music project is slowly becoming something more than just a daydream.

The "To Do" Wish list

So I am a fan of  "lists". I make / recommend them for everything. I like the feeling of getting all the "things" that I need to do out of my head & on paper.  A while back I made a "to do" wish list which included several things that I thought would make me feel more accomplished or complete.  One of the first things on the list was to write on my blog daily.

Salvaged Flowers in my house via instagram

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It''s a beautiful thing a wedding. The ceremony, music, dancing food & drink... all the merrymaking. Aahhh, and finally after the last song plays & the guests start to meander out the doors. The bride & groom are swept away into wedded bliss...little things are left behind. My husband Chris plays in the band & is usually there to see it all begin & end. Sometimes he brings me a little piece of their special day, sometimes sweet treats...this time a beautiful table bouquet. I left it intact for a day or two & then took it apart to enjoy what would have been left behind, thrown away & become a memory soon before their beauty had faded. Just for fun I threw in a couple of other shots from around the house of cute little plastic toys that live in my houseplants too, enjoy!

more shots from around the house

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around the house

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I just got instagram... I know I''m late to the party, but sure does make my iphone pics look nicer! Here''s a few snapshots from around my house.

Anger he smiles tow''ring shiny metallic purple armour.

if my soul was a coat...

I want!

I found this beautiful jacket browsing ebay today. Sigh, isn''t it just dreamy? I would love to have it. I guess I had better start practicing my embroidery skills because there''s no way I could afford it.  This pic is going into my inspiration files.

Sooo, I entered a contest...

Wish me luck! I entered a contest @ Centsationalgirl.com & want to win a Moroccan pouf  sooo bad!

This is the one I want

I''ve been reading this site for about a year or two & get lots of  great ideas...I do recommend checking out the site for inspiration & enter the contest for yourself while you''re at it! Just click the link below!


Moorish Architecture & Design

So many pretty things people like me will dig. Check out a couple of sites I found if you wish.


October Sun, Rainbows & Peacock Feathers

It is a gorgeous day here on the prairie! Inspired by the peacock feather hair dangle-y thing I picked up I tried to mimic it''s beauty with my eyeshadow.  I continued playing  in the yard snapping some photos of myself...this game is known as" I''m a pretend a model, photographer & makeup artist", it''s a pretty fun game if you''re in the mood for it.  When I finally came back in there were the most beautiful little rainbows all around.  Sometimes I follow them until they land on me like I''m trying to let them soak them into my skin or that I can somehow feel the colors. I love when this happens because it only last just a little while when the sun hits the prism just right. Ahhh, what a beautiful day!  I know... I''m crazy, but I like me that way! So here you go, some fresh original content, hope  you enjoy!

[gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

The Bohemian Homes Tumblr

Inspiring! Just look.


Gave myself a fringei

I like to make stuff

I apologize in advance for the terrible photo quality... I need to get some batteries for my camera. The iphone shots are not the best but will do the job.

Are you the kind of person who see''s something & say "Pffft, I''m not buying that...I can make it." Me too! I keep drooling over all the quartz jewelry pieces I see on etsy & various other places on the web & I was inspired to make some little pretties of my own! Here''s a few things I''ve made recently.

[gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

My atrium

[gallery link="file" order="DESC" orderby="title"]

Feeling energized & inspired by the recent cool weather I got the urge to breathe some life into my dismal bare atrium. The ficus, overgrown & lacking nutrients, begged to be adorned & fed. The dried up fountain teased, wanting to show me how it could dance if I''d just add some water. The dry brittle ground which had been dug in by the dog wispered...fill me up.

I gathered a few things I had lying around the house, some fresh dirt, logs, moss, mulch,  little  fanciful things to bring some whimsy & interest, mishmash of mirror balls, crystals, lanterns & such. A little sweat & a few moments made the space quite nice.

little things

I love pillows

Check out this Peacock Headboard...love it

I''ll have one of them...

Lazy Easter Sunday, daydreaming & relaxing. This morning/afternoon I''m having visions of exotic beautiful things.

Here''s something I''m drooling over &just added to my wish list.

Either of these gorgeous Chess sets would be a welcome addition to my game collection.  I love the beautiful carved wood!

I think I could actually  learn to play better if my cardboard chess set were any where near this mesmerizing.

My future ride

Oh yeah, I want one of these baby''s! As I was browsing through my Google Reader feeds this beautiful truck caught my eye & I fell in love!

I gotta give a shout out to Paul Overton at DudeCraft one of my newly acquired & loved blog feeds for putting this post together. I completely enjoy this blog & recommend it to everyone! Please go to his site & see the interiors & other trucks, you''ll dig! http://www.dudecraft.com/

ramblin & junk

Soooo, um, well I guess I''m just posting to post. I just woke a few moments ago...yeah, my morning is sometime after 4pm. I sit here at my computer sipping my hot cup of Irish Breakfast Tea listening to Tipitina (a song that is practically the New Orleans anthem).  The weather is beautiful, sun is shining, the temp is just right so we''ve ( we is...me & Chris, my guy) got the door open fresh air wafting in. It smells like spring blossoms & cut grass...I love that smell.

The Mr. & I have got our veg & herb gardens all started up for the season. I''m really looking forward to some super fresh homegrown. I''ll be heading outside soon to check on the sprouts & inspect for pests & watering.

Now I''m thinking of how I can squeeze in a craft/art project today or maybe write a song. I''d really like to do something creative/crafty today.

Maybe later we''ll have a few beers, cook up some dinner, eat & relax for a while until I get to work selling infomercial products via phone to the masses.

And a bit of sad news....RIP to Peanut the dog, this is his final day of suffering. For a few years now his allergies were uncontrollable & he was a itchy hairless mess. Now he can rest. He will be missed!

The muses come a callin

I''ve been feeling the urge, to create, and I''m not alone. I''m amused to find that a good friend had posted a similar feeling to his blog today.  It''s been too long since I''ve seen him & his beautiful wife. I miss them greatly. Anyhow about the muses... his calling him to draw, mine calling to write lyrics, make music & craft pretty things. Maybe this cold snap was just what we needed to get us out of our funk.

May the muses be kind to you my dear friends & fill your hearts and minds with beauty & inspiration to fuel your creative fires eternally.

Xoxo, Amanda

Raven.Willow.Moon is so Amanda. I love!

A dreamer, lover of beautiful & unusual things. I have followed this tumbler for about a year & have not yet thanked her (I assume) for creating a portal of beauty for my eyes to feast upon. Thank You Raven.Willow.Moon !

Honestly, I think about posting all the time.

I just get distracted by all the other lovely bloggers out there!

I want to take a ride on a fantastic voyage...in one of these Kerala Houseboats.  Dreaming my life away, sea spray in my hair, tropical oils & fresh cut fruit .  With guitar in hand serenading the fishes... ahoy, take me away!

[gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

Fascinating Underground Homes | JetSetta

What cool places! Click the link below to see more!

Fascinating Underground Homes | JetSetta.

Frugal Findings $50-Free: Romantic Living Room

I love putting together rooms from items I find on Craigslist for practically nothing.  Here''s my finds of the day.  Here you have two free options for the sofa, the dark chocolate sofa or the teal w/ armchair. I have also found a super cute hand painted lime desk, for your computer/ writing/ crafting needs. I love vintage sofas I think both are adorable. For the artist an easel & an upright piano for the entertainer both free. I love finding lots of cheap decor that''s pre-coordinated, these are just lovely & add the finishing touches to the room. Now, just add in a few candles & houseplants that you have on hand & viola, a whole room for $50 even.  What a steal!

[gallery link="file" order="DESC" orderby="title"]






Art Love: EmilyBalivet

aren''t these gorgeous? I love them, to see more click the link below

Mythological Goddess Art paintings prints and by EmilyBalivet.

Cucumbers, we got ''em... let''s make pickles!

This morning (ahem, I mean afternoon) when Chris woke me up he''d already flooded me with links. One of those linked me to Chiot''s Run, a great blog about organic gardening & things of that nature.  In particular, he sent me a link to this tasty sounding pickle recipe. I think we''ll give it a try since we have so many cucumbers & loves us some pickles!

That''s what their pickles look like, mmmm  my mouth is watering just thinking about it! I''ll update you guys on our batch when we get it going.

Here''s a link to the site, I encourage you to check it out!

Making Pickles | Chiot''s Run.

I want to go to there... Patio Cordobes. Andalucia. Spain..

Oh, how I''d love to sip an glass of wine & strum my guitar on one of these beautiful patios! A girl can dream...[gallery link="file" orderby="title"]

Below is the site I snatched all these pictures from, hope they don''t mind :) Thanks!

Цветочные дворики Испании!!! Patio Cordobes. Andalucia. Spain.. Комментарии : LiveInternet - Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников.

Art of Innovation on the Behance Network

I came across this beautiful & thought provoking art just a moment ago, click the link  below to see more.

Art of Innovation on the Behance Network.

Art Love - Jody Pham - The Land Bewtween Solar Systems

When I asked Jody if she''d mind if I wrote about her on my little blog it was no surprise to find that  she''d been featured many times,  was already gaining attention in blog land & I was late to the party. I''d known Jody from high school & knew she was awesome, but I just recently saw her art, and wow!  Not only was I in awe of her greatness I was inspired! Do yourself a favor & check out her art portfoliosubscribe to her blog & buy something from her store on etsy .

A feast for your eyes:

[gallery link="file" order="DESC" orderby="title"]

Feeling the Sun

Sometimes, early in the morning, before I sleep, I like to go outside & watch the world come alive, and say hello to my good friend, the sun.

[gallery orderby="title"]

Spring, a time for new beginnings

I absolutely love spring, the sunshine, warmth,  and the plants waking from their long naps. With nature doin'' it''s thang, I''ve been  inspired to get some things done myself. This past week I got my veggie garden growing, some transplants, some seeds, water & bam a garden is born. You don''t even know how excited  I''ll be to bite into the first harvest of the year...mmm! I''ve been putting off so many things hence the late garden.  I think there is no time like now to give a little effort & do some of them.  What have I been putting off? Take a wild guess & I bet it''s on the list.  So here''s to me, trying to get some things done (pat on the back, applause). Now that I am actually an full fledged adult at 30 I hope to get my shit together, get healthy physically & mentally, get my songs recorded maybe even play them live, make a decent living, work on my goals for the future & be the best me possible. I know it''s do-able, I just got to get to doing. I am optimistic & look forward to the challenge.

here''s a helpful goal setting  link http://www.43things.com

Project : Beer/Wine Bottle Mosaic Mirror

I could use these bottles for so many things, but today I''ll share my first attempt at using broken bottles as mosaic tiles to give an old mirror a makeover.

A quick rundown of what I did:  found a mirror hanging around the house, scored it, got out my little container of adhesive grout, broke some wine bottles & stuck them all together & viola mosaic mirror.


goddess... or something

Oh, how I long to be a goddess... to be worshiped & anointed with oils & adorned with jewels, to do as I please when I please. To be free of all these earthly ways that hold down my spirit & force me to toil with tasks.

Ahh, to dream...  I suppose it''s time to make dinner.

For the Love of Cob...

I adore cob homes & live for the day I find myself living the life of a fairy in my little home that looks like a drawing of  some fantasy woodland harem in hobbit territory. It would have colorful glass & crystals embedded all throughout & when the sun shine hit just right, it would make one gasp with amazement. Lush gardens with edibles & flowers would surround & live atop the roof.... I could go on & on...dreaming.

I borrowed these pictures from a wonderful site that has a huge gallery of cob & lots of great info. Click here to visit them. As for now I hope you will enjoy these few pics I found & love so much.


Chris & Alisha get Hitched!

Ahhh, isn''t love a beautiful thing?

I dream of...

Maybe it was the few brass trinkets from India brought back by my grandfather, maybe the stories of Ali Baba & his cave of treasures, or maybe it was the days I''d stay home from school sick watching repeats of I dream of Jeanie wishing I could live in her bottle.

Today I dreamed of embellished silk dupioni, sari''s, embroidered pillows and other such  luxuriant things as I often do. Gathering inspirations for my own little slice of bohemian heaven is always at the top of my to do list.

So I followed my dream of silk drapessari drapes through ebay & then on to fabric stores. I will have them someday even if I have to make them myself!

I definitely have too many wishes, wants & dreams of projects to come to list them all in this post. So, until next time, shine on you crazy diamond!

Just another....

Hello again, here''s another attempt at keeping up a blog.  I can''t wait to share all my little musings with whomever browses along these pages. My one hope is to inspire & be inspired.

Who''s Amanda?

That''s me, call me what you will, I''m just a daydreamer living life & always reaching for that someday. I have a very busy mind that wanders often and a creative spirit that compels me to do or create at whim.