Name: Amanda

Age: 23

Country: USA

Status: Married

Children: yes, one child

Hobbies & Activities: Playing bass guitar, acoustic guitar, singing, web design, Yahoo pool, playing Half Life/Counter-Strike/Day of Defeat, watching HBO sunday night, cooking, gardening, swimming, collecting lamps, collecting various things, reading, , and much much more.

Likes: The thought of world peace, all music, beautiful days, being with family & friends, writing music & songs, hot tea, coffee shops, art, hemp products, beads, anything hi-tech, Dubbed/Subtitled B-rate Karate Films. There are many more likes, but I will keep them to myself.....for now anyway.

Dislikes: war, gnats & mosquitos, arguments, marijuana prohibition, suffering in foreign countries, environmental pollution, taxes, racism, and cold leftover meals.



I know where Bruce Lee LIVES

Fidos Revenge

The Party Crashers

National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

HBO-Six Feet Under

SHO-Queer Duck

Animated Judo