hey, tis' bout 9 o'clock at nite. i've been lazy lately and haven't updated in a while... i don't have the drive to work it, but don't worry i'll be back and work on it again soon... if you are wondering why i havn't been using caps on this update, it's because my shift keys don't work since it got coffee in it. love ya - amanda

Good Morning, it's 10:30'ish on May 17th 2001 - I had a great time yesterday shopping. I got a $50 gift card to Khols for mothers day & tried to spend it all. No luck tho' I got a hemp necklace & bracelet, a beaded bracelet, a glass powerbead bracelet, a little head-kerchief & a cute hat & still had over $20 left. So I'm going to save it for when I desperately need to buy something. After the shopping I went to see 3 Easy Pieces practice. You can't beat spending time listening to great music with great people. Then everyone went home, scarfed some muncholas & went to sleep.

The weather has been soooo nice! I've been & am planning on spending every day outside in the pool, well until I get a job. I've been playing phone tag with one possible employer & I gotta try to call again today. I've called about 6 times it's insane! Other-than-that Madison is starting to swim with no floaties, she's growing like a human. I'm going to be out for the day taking pictures, swimming & doing website stuff. -Amanda

May 11, 2001 Hello all you beautiful people! It's a fantastic day, isn't it? Finally the "pool guy" is fixing the pool, the right way, I can't wait to go swimming. It's been a while since the last update. Hmmmm, let me think of somthing to say. I've been in some kind of strange funk lately. I don't know... I guess I'm bored, or something. I've been doing the usual stuff... ya know housewife stuff. Anyway, I might be getting a job soon, because just like everyone else I need money. It's alway MONEY this MONEY that....I don't like it, but I like to spend it! Got any offers? I'm thinking about selling a few websites on the side. So if you would be interested I'm cheap. Blah BLah blaH BlaH BlAh. I want your money! As for the family, they are living, eating, and sleeping well. Since it's almost mothers day I will already say HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM, MOM-INLAW, GRANDMA'S & every other MUTHA in da world.! I wrote a new song & will be trying to record it this weekend, hopefully I will have it ready to post on monday, but you never really know. Talk to ya soon- manda


Hi, Happy Cinco de Mayo! I've started moving my new layout in before fixing all the bugs so please excuse the mess! I've been doing pretty well... just learning some stuff & chillin'. I got bored with the old one quick.... I gotta take some new pics & finish this up...so please come back soon & check for new updates!- Amanda

I'm remodeling my site.... I've gotten board with hopping from page to page. So what's been going on lately... This is a test. so please be patient with me while I play with my site. BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH I need to take up space so I can make It scrolll....blah blah blah blah....I will do updates soon! Thanks so much!-Amanda