January 20, 2002- Hey where have you been? hehehe, I've been doing many things lately, obviously not working on this site. I hooked up with this band ( Julie - vocals, Marcus - lead guitar, Pat - rhythm guitar,Glen - drums & me on bass ), currently having a "band name" crisis, but going by "Dylan's Ax" for the meantime.... unless you ask The Dallas Observer, they would tell you it's "Dylan's Arm"(chuckle) I haven't seen the misprinted listing, but I think that it's pretty funny. We will be rockin' out "The Rock" with our debut performance on Sunday January 27, 2002. Other bands on the bill include "Red Rocket" & "Controlled by Remote". Come join us for Marcus & Julie's 21st BIRTHDAY BASH! I want to see the place packed out, SO BE THERE!