sept. first, two thousand one- seven twenty six pm- happy labor day weekend peeps.... got plans? i don't yet... i want to see jay 'n' silent bob strike back sometime.... lets go out to a show or something. I bet i'll end up staying home all night. that's how it usually goes. blah call me if anything is going on.- uhmanda

7/2/01 3:34 pm - What are you doods & doodettes doing for the 4th.... Don't forget that 3EP plays at Humperdinks on the 5th! Everyone will be there, so come party with us! Ummmm anyone up for some gossip? Let me know.

6/21/01 11:50 AM- Hey guys & gals! What are you doing this weekend? I'm free fiday, saturday evening I'm going to meet up with the guys from Mr. Universe ( a local rock band) to lay down some bass trax on a song or two. Sunday I'm going to be doing housework, playing bass, and swimming. I talked to Kristin recently, she called me from Phoenix & let me know that she's doing ok. She moved in with her grandma to get her life worked out. She said she misses everyone & will be back to visit when she can. Don't you guys love the summer? You guys got jobs yet? I'm going to be a dump truck driver! hehehe seriously. I'm going to take my CDL written test Monday. I'm excited! I'm going to be the HOTTEST dumptruck driver ever. I can't wait to make tons of cash just driving around.amanda

6/8/01 11:14 am- Sup doods? Not much going on here... you guys get ready to get your pictures taken... if I see you this weekend. I think we are going to see Swordfish tonight... I'm excited. I haven't been to the movies in 300 years. Yawn... see ya later- manda

Man, I feel bad for not having this up already... please don't hate me.

I need to take some new pictures of my friends & stuff, so...please be patient & it will be up soon!amanda