September 1st, 2001 3:16 pm- Wow what a change of pace... I've been working my belly off, Chris has been the house-husband (and good at it too), and Madison is changing everyday.

Madison has learned to swim free of floats... she's a little fish. She has also started doing simple chores, like picking up her own messes, helping sweep, mop, and feeding the dogs. She likes to help out around the house when she can. She's such a big girl. She's developed a fear of the dark. I've tried to explain to her that there is nothing to be afraid of, but her imagination says otherwise. We keep a nightlight on for her, but sometimes she wakes up in the middle of the night crying. Poor baby, I wish she wasn't scared. She has been trying to read time & words, but she hasn't grasped it completely, I know she will be able to do it before I know it.

Chris has been enjoying the freedom of no job. He's been recording & focusing on his musical career. Today he's moving his studio from our house to his parent's garage. I think it's a great plan, that way they can work in peace with out all the distractions. We'll see what goes down with all that.

I've just been playing it by ear & living, trying to pay the bills.

i love you all very much... take care & live well- amanda

7/2/01 - Let's go watch fireworks at Lone Star Park tomorrow night. I'm stll upset that we missed them last year, because of the extended baseball game. It will be fun! Let me know what's up....

6/21/01 - Hola Familia-How's everyone? Our family is well, we've been swimming almost daily. Madison is now jumping in the pool & learning to hold her breath under the water. She loves dunking people & getting flipped over in the water. She's got a great tan (or as my dad would say "nice skin damage". Speaking of my dad.... he, my brother & my granny went camping in New Mexico, hope they are doing ok. Chris is still doing the cube he's completed it in 1min 6sec, still playing guitar & working at GotMo. I've been semi-working, I'm getting my CDL & will be hauling dirt in my new dumptruck soon. That should be easy work, that pays well, and lets me work my own hours. It's not the most glamourous job, but I can dig it. I love you all & miss you all very much. Talk to you soon, Amanda

6/8/01 - good morning, the family is at work... I'm updating, Chris is working on a new layout for his site, and Madison is painting in Photoshop. Chris & I have had no breakfast & Madison had Rice Krispies with milk & sugar. Love ya, manda

Hey everybody, how's it going? Chris, Madison, and I are doing fine. I'm looking into signing Madison up for some swimming and dance lessons. I've also been working a little, playing bass & guitar. Chris is busy working, playing guitar & making music. He's currently solved the Rubiks Cube within 4 min. He's so smart & handsome. Madison has been playing outside in her sandbox, swinging, swimming (with adult supervision),painting, drawing, singing & playing guitar. She's also been playing lots of computer games & learned to recognize & write most of the alphabet. I think she needs some work with the number symbols, but that will come soon. She's such a bright child & we're very proud of her.

I had a nice chat on the phone last night with my mom, I think she misses me.

The "FAMILY" section will be done soon.. I'm still working on it.