This is a very short summary of my life so far. It's kind of boring so you can skip this part if you want.






Hello to all of you who want to peek into my personal life.

I've been making myself busy lately (notice the lack of regular updates). I've joined the YMCA & started doing some aerobics & yoga. I've been trying to eat healthier, but I'm struggling with that. I have been thinking about getting in shape for a long long time, but now I'm really trying to do it. It feels great, even if it doesn't show yet, it is awesome that I'm even trying. Hopefully I'll quit smoking soon. I can't decide if I'm ready for that yet.

I've been recording a little & writing some new songs. I haven't got any songs ready for posting yet though. I've been experiencing some jealousy lately. My husband, Chris (by the way is an excellent guitarist), got into a band with some of our friends. They are calling themselves "The Job". They really sound great together, but I'm jealous because I want to be in a band too. Silly isn't it? In the meantime I'll be trying to learn more techniques, scales, grooves & styles. I'm still recording & will hopefully have something for all you to hear soon. Chris is going to teach me how to put some MP3's on my site later today so I might have something for you tomorrow, so check back please.

I started reading a new book... it's pretty interesting. The book I'm reading now is The Day After Tomorrow written by Allan Folsom. It's about a surgeon who seeks revenge for his fathers murder, A detective who's trying to solve a case of a severed head & 7 headless corpses,a mysterious beautiful woman, and more. It's got everything you ever wanted in a novel, so check it out it's a good one.

As for family life everything is going great. Madison is really getting into computer games & kid sites on the internet. I'm amazed by how quick she learns. She is recognizing letters & numbers, she even is learning to write them. You might just call me a proud mother, but I think she is brilliant. Chris is living well, working a lot, playing guitar & Counter Strike as usual. He hasn't updated his site in some time, because he's been so busy doing other things. As for me, being the home-maker of the family, I've been planning my spring garden, trying to pick out plants that will live this time. The summer of 2000 was a deadly drought. My little plant friends didn't like it, so this year I'm going to plant some easy to maintain, shade-loving, drought tolerant foliage & plants. I had hoped to get a body of an old rusty convertible VW Beetle, paint it psychedelic, and plant tons of plants in it. I have to clear that idea with my landlords first, but I think it would be an awesome work of art when it's done. I also would like to make a lovely water garden, surrounded by beautiful plants, and a sitting area to relax at. Those are my garden goals for this year. I have been stung by the redecorating bug. I've been lusting over some really cool modern furniture, art, decor. I just can't get it, because I haven't saved any money for it. I dislike saving money...ugggghh. I guess that is all I have to say for now.

Love to all- Amanda